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Discussion on: I'm Jon Roes, engineering lead at Streamlit, ask me anything!

dinerdas profile image
Diner Das

I lead engineering at Streamlit, acquired by Snowflake in March 2022.

What was it like getting acquired?

jroes profile image
Jon Roes Ask Me Anything

That’s a big question! I would say the most prominent feelings were fear and excitement. Since excitement is the fun part and easy to handle, I’ll talk a bit about how we handled the fear.

We fielded a lot of questions from the team. What does this mean for our culture? Will I even be a part of the new company? Will we get to keep working on the same things? In our case, this was a positive and friendly acquisition for all involved. Snowflake is actually a pretty remarkable place and there was already so much alignment between our teams. I think that’s probably a good selection factor when considering being acquired: do you feel like the company cultures will fit together well? With that in hand, largely it was just about having honest conversations and introducing people!