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Entreprenerd review on Forbes

Read this review of the book Entreprenerd on by Joe McKendrick: Three Lessons Learned From A Technology Entrepreneur’s Journey: It Takes People, Patience, And Persistence

Some fragments:

It takes much, much more than a great idea to build a business — no matter how wondrous the technology.


Success is more dependent on developing the people skills and coping mechanisms to deal with fickle customers, difficult employees, nervous investors, constantly probing competitors, and incursions by larger tech giants. Oh, and one more thing — tending to the needs of one’s family and personal well-being.


Lowagie released a book about his journey in business, titled Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software, which documents his journey from initial idea to eventual exit. It is an account of dealing with personal crises, to finding the right management team, to legal challenges he and Ingeborg faced leading up to the company’s sale in March, 2020.

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