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Introducing Scarf - a fresh approach to software distribution & observability

πŸ™Œ We're thrilled and grateful to be part of the 2020 Open Core Summit Digital, and founding members of the COSS community on forem.

About a month ago we published a blog post with an intentionally provocative title: Are Package Registries Holding Open-Source Hostage?. We wanted to get your attention. Here's why: πŸ‘‡

🧣 At Scarf, we're building a toolkit that empowers open source maintainers by providing more data about who's using their packages, and more flexibility and choice about how that software is distributed. Data about your software's distribuiton can uncover commercial opportunities for your open source business.

Tomorrow, Thursday morning, Dec 17, 10:10AM–10:40AM (PT), you can join Avi Press in conversation with JJ about Scarf’s disruptive approach to package distribution & observability. Avi will be online to take your real-time questions. Can't make the live session? Ping us here or message us directly @scarf_oss anytime, if you want to chat during OCS or after.

πŸ”Ž We're actively looking for maintainers who want early access to the upcoming (early 2021) launch of a new product in our toolchain. Let's talk!

Image of Avi Press, Scarf co-founder and CEO, at OCS

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havihoffman profile image

Thanks Sam and JJ, I'm excited at the opportunity you've built out here with the site - at this crossroads for community and topnotch content in the Open Core space. I've been a big fan of and I look forward to seeing 10,000 forem flowers bloom...

sam profile image

Hi Havi, thanks so much for the introduction! Really excited to have you and the Scarf team as part of the community.

Looking forward to the conversation tomorrow morning! The toolkit you're building sounds really impactful, and I'm excited to learn more

jj profile image
Joseph (JJ) Jacks

Scarf is super cool! Here's a poll I tweeted asking about open source telemetry... the results were surprising: