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Joseph (JJ) Jacks
Joseph (JJ) Jacks

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Open Source Culture Company Handbooks

This is a reference list of company handbooks who are building an open source company culture. This list is inspired by a recent conversation between DROdio (CEO at Armory) and Kate MacAleavey (Head of Culture and Leadership Development at Armory) and Joseph Jacks on the topic of "open source culture", in the context of building a Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) company.

We hope this list, which we will maintain going forward, can be a valuable reference material to help COSS founders and operators better build their company culture. While not all of these companies are COSS companies, the way they approach, foster, and articulate culture is forward-thinking and very much "open source".

We encourage you to provide comments, edits, and contribution to this list at the COSS Media GitHub repo.
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