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Discussion on: AMA with Cassidy Williams, Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote

kaveh profile image

Hi Cassidy! I'm really curious to know how your average day looks.
You're making so much high quality content and output that I wonder if you're left with any time for yourself!
After a typical work day, I'm so beaten that I crash and can't do anything useful. Looking at your public persona makes me wonder if you're superhuman! :)

cassidoo profile image
Cassidy Williams Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Hey Kaveh! Thanks for your kind words <3

My day varies a TON. Sometimes tons of meetings, sometimes none, sometimes coding-heavy, or writing-heavy, or something else entirely. I definitely get that "typical workday crash" fairly regularly at the end of the day. A lot of my time I've attempted to optimize with productivity workflows and apps! I actually wrote a blog post on the productivity apps I use that goes into detail what those are.

Honestly though, I stick to a calendar, add dedicated time for "flowing" in my work (and time for tasks I want to get done), I write down everything that I want to remember, and try to use time between meetings to get smaller things done so that the end of the day can be more dedicated to relaxing! I'm not awesome at time management, I admit, but I try to be at least somewhat disciplined so I don't bite myself later.