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🗣 Upcoming AMA with Allison McMillan!

Our next ✨ COSS Leader AMA ✨ is on June 22nd with Allison McMillan, Head of Engineering at Forem.

Prior to working at Forem, Allison wore many hats in multiple industries including Director of Engineering at GitHub, software developer, managing director, and community builder.

Allison also started a podcast about being a parent in tech, Parent Driven Development and is the board president of Ruby Central. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and speaks on a variety of topics including building interactive workshops for engineers, working remotely, and more.

She'll be answering questions starting June 22nd, so get your questions ready!

COSS Community hosts monthly AMAs with leaders in COSS to share their learnings and insights on You can view all AMA's here.

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