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We're Hiring a Finance and Compliance Team Member!

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OSS Capital is hiring our first finance and compliance team member! 🥳

This is a lead position that comes with a high level of responsibility and autonomy. As the founding finance and compliance hire to the team, they'll have the opportunity to establish our finance and compliance functions in collaboration with our operations team, founder and General Partner.

Since we are currently a small team, this role will be very hands-on. We are excited about growing the firm’s operations to help us build and scale OSS Capital. This is an incredible opportunity to work at a firm that wants to play a key role in shaping the future of venture capital and early-stage commercial open source.

Job Expectations

We need someone who has experience in seed-stage / early-stage VC (or RIA) firm finance and operations and is ready to hit the ground running. You’ll manage our firm’s financial operations to ensure that the partnership can focus on supporting our founders. You’ll build out processes for all financial operations including compliance, forecasting & budgeting, interfacing with the fund admin and audit / tax service providers and more. You’ll manage everything from taxes, investment details, preparing financial statements, financial modeling and staying up to date on the latest compliance protocols. You’ll work with our outside attorneys on compliance matters, and supervise organization of our document flows.

The ideal candidate has experience in fund administration, managing capital call workings, articulating distribution waterfalls, and ability to model carried interest calculations.

Role & Responsibilities

✅ Manage all fund operations and finance in coordination with our fund administrators, tax and audit teams, and legal partners. This includes: accounting, audits, regulatory filings, and taxes.
✅ Plan and track company’s budgets, cash, tokens, digital assets, and spending.
✅ Plan and review all capital calls, distributions, management fee payments, and related LP/GP allocations.
✅ Manage strategic planning, financial planning, fund modeling, portfolio tracking, and line of credit usage.
✅ Create processes and document flows for inbound and outbound deals, and supervise staff to implement these flows
✅ Prepare LP reporting, including quarterly valuations, letters, and support in creating LPAC presentations.
✅ Support the internal portfolio review process, analyzing and tracking partnership and portfolio company financial performance.

About You

💰 You have experience with VC (or RIA) finance: You have a solid understanding of this sector and are comfortable jumping in with little direction on what needs to be done. You’re familiar with RIA compliance and feel confident creating a strategy within a venture capital or private equity firm.
📈 You’re excited to scale and update accounting processes: You are comfortable taking the lead on financial operations, enjoy project management and solving for inefficiencies.
📊 You love numbers and want to dig in: You’re passionate about analyzing and understanding company financials. Spreadsheets, invoices, investment details, and budgeting are the things that make you excited to come to work.
👫 You’re a team player: You enjoy working in a collaborative team environment: You like working with others to solve problems and are proactive to help others. You understand the importance of providing feedback to colleagues to support their development, growth and health of the company.
😎 You’re a self starter & work autonomously: You are comfortable working independently, taking on new tasks or projects with little direction and adjusting course in response to feedback and information.
🗂 You’re organized and love being efficient: You make sure every aspect of a task is properly handled and that each step of a project is completed correctly. You love getting things right and pay attention to the smallest detail. You care about improving systems and have opinions about file naming conventions.
🚀 You go above and beyond: You take pride in your work and understand that your role is critical to the success of the company. You go beyond your “job description” to get things done. No task (within your domain) is too big or small to tackle.
🗣 You’re a great communicator: You have an easy time communicating in a remote-first environment, both synchronously and async. You have superb written & verbal communication skills. You know when to tap in the right person and convey the information they need to get the job done.

👉 If you want to learn more about the role or apply please check it out!

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Please pass this role on to anyone you think might be a good fit.
We encourage anyone to apply that may be interested, even if you feel you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications above. We’d like to account for the fact that we may have overlooked, under-counted, or over-indexed on some of these requirements.

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