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Tobias • Edited on

Hi everyone, I'm founder of and the open-source community protontypes. I'm currently working as a software developer and aerospace engineer at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research at Jülich Research Centre. Previously, I developed autonomous and fully electric delivery vehicles for DHL based on open source technologies like ROS.

protontypes develops the tool LibreSelery for funding distribution in open source and supports organizations to open source principles in sustainable technology domains like renewable energy.

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Hi @ly0n , welcome! Exciting work!

Do you know how many projects LibreSelery has been used in? Any insights about the results / effectiveness?

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Hi @sam ,

at the moment we are in contact with multiple open source projects that showed interest but we are still testing it on a smaller scale. It is still a prototype and we are lacking resources to scale it since the main developers working full time in other jobs and we also have not that many contact in the COSS community yet.

The concept was tested internally with quite some success and distributed around 3000€ between the contributors of LibreSelery and its dependencies. In the last months, we gathered feedback from multiple communities like GNU or Debian to evaluate the needs of the community. You can see this feedback in our issue board. A new architecture that allows better community adaptions has been created by us and will be released in the next week. Together with the RWTH Aachen University we are also evaluating the economical factor. We are still looking for a stronger partner to go larger steps, that one reason why I joined this community.

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Hello Y'all! Lovely to meet you and learn about your projects. Afraid I'm a bit late to this thread - but hey, it's still 2020. Since autumn, I've been working with Scarf ( or @scarf_oss on twitter ) on developer content strategy and outreach. I'm a big fan of the approach to content|community - it's cool to see forem launch to make this replicable ...

@sam does have a policy around re-posting blog content here to give it better distribution in the (cross-posting used to be out of favor, but I don't think that's true any longer... ) Please advise :-) TIA!