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Discussion on: AMA with Cassidy Williams, Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote

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Michael Tharrington

I got 2!

  1. Head of Dev Experience and Education is a seriously cool role! As someone working in education, I'm curious what your favorite way to learn (and teach) is? For instance, do you learn-by-doing, reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts?

  2. What kind of music do you like to play? Got anything online that ya might share? 😀

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Cassidy Williams Ask Me Anything

Two is better than one!!

  1. I love teaching via writing as much as possible, because I can always write more posts or separate posts to teach different concepts. I also really love teaching workshops where I can see where students struggle, so I can fix that quickly! Video courses are alright, I like teaching them, but video editing is the bane of my existence, lol.
    As for learning, I really love reading and doing. I keep trying to like video courses, but I struggle to focus sometimes and my mind often wanders before I actually get to finish something more practical! I think right now there is a shortage of smaller video courses that are instantly practical, but a bit larger than a tutorial of step-by-step instructions.

  2. I love playing all kinds of music! I admit there isn't a lot of online evidence of that, though 😅 I'm classically trained on guitar and also play a bunch of brass instruments. I did some digging and found an old video of an all-electric guitar band I was in (very experimental, very Seattle lol), and another old video from the Seattle Video Game Orchestra I was in (I'm the one in the blue unicorn onesie, please forgive the crappy audio)! The pandemic sadly slowed down a lot of my group participation but I'm hoping to get back into it once things open up more!

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Michael Tharrington • Edited on

Thanks so much for your detailed answers!

I totally understand what ya mean about struggling to focus during video courses... I have to find ones that are short & snappy or digest it in multiple sittings. I think I'm primarily a hands-on learner, but ideally I like to get hit with multiple sources — read first, then watch, then try to do.

Haha, no worries about lacking online evidence of your music. I play music all the dang time and so little of it is actual online, so I def know what ya mean. I really like the experimental guitar stuff!! I've been super into ambient music recently and this feels very much in that realm. It sounds like guitar wind chimes to me — super relaxing! 😀