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Zack Ellis

Hi everyone, I'm Zack Ellis. I'm the founder & CEO of TheirStory. We're building an end-to-end oral history platform to help communities streamline the process for collecting, preserving, and making accessible the audiovisual stories of the individuals that make up their community.

We're very much inspired by the work of the Shoah Foundation -- founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg and responsible for recording, indexing, and preserving the stories of over 55,000 Holocaust and other genocide survivors. Their former executive director, Doug Greenberg is an advisory board member. Our goal is to take the lessons learned around process and technology from the Shoah Foundation and build a platform that will be accessible for any community to preserve and pass on their values, stories, and lessons for generations to come.

We work closely with The Permanent Legacy Foundation who is building an open source preservation platform. More on our partnership here.

One of the challenges of audiovisual media (especially long-form) is finding the moments that are interesting to any given individual and easily editing/manipulating the media. We work closely with the open source community who are building transcript-powered audiovisual technologies to create open source components that we then integrate into TheirStory to create a single integrated system. The open source community is largely led by the Hyperaudio team.

Looking forward to connecting with others in the COSS community!