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Gus Narea • Edited on

Hi folks! I'm Gus, the founder/CEO of Relaycorp, the company behind Awala. Awala is a open, decentralised computer network that complements the Internet to solve the most pressing issues that humankind faces today.

Our first order of business is to bring connectivity to people disconnected from the Internet – like one half of the world population and much of the other half that’s subject to severe censorship like Internet blackouts.

Software developers can use Awala to make existing Internet-based work offline (just like we did with Twitter), or they can build Awala-native apps to unlock additional benefits – such as avoiding (not just mitigating) spam and phishing, and in the future also Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and misinformation, to name a few.

I'm really excited to be a member of this community!