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OCS 2020 Breakout: Antti Karjalainen

Antti Karjalainen is a founder on a mission to change the RPA industry with open-source tools and cloud delivery for software robots. CEO of Robocorp and member of the board at Robot Framework Foundation. Open-source enthusiast with a background in software engineering.

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CEO Antti Karjalainen will discuss the company’s approach in building its open-source ecosystem and how they plan to disrupt the traditional market.

Introduction to presentation topic: Breaking into a closed market with open source, an open core business model, and leveraging open source to break into a new field - 0:00

Robocorp: Ushering in an era of open-source, license-free, and ecosystem-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - 0:51

RPA is the fastest growing category in enterprise software - 2:38

But today’s RPA market is nowhere near its full potential, held back by proprietary tools and bad technical choices. Slow sales cycles, high costs, and closed ecosystems. No standards or interoperability. - 3:30

Antti’s background and work with Robot Framework and helping create with Robot Framework Foundation - 4:58

Traditional RPA Vendor: “Anyone can build a software robot.” Exploring this claim - 7:13

But RPA use cases are complex, need the power and flexibility of development to truly be able to automate mission-critical workflows reliably and scalably - 8:39

Showing the status quo of RPA vendor solutions (drag-and-drop-and-drag-and-drop), similar to test automation market 10 years ago. Why this doesn’t work. - 10:12

Originally built for test automation, Robot Framework can be a solution of RPA - 12:08

Robocorp is championing the software robot developer, and putting software developers at the center of RPA - 14:40

Democratizing access to RPA with low-friction models. Learn, Build, Run. - 15:36

Introducing Robocorp’s open core model - 18:01

Combining open-source with an intuitive, cloud-based operational platform and democratizing software robot development - 18:39

Open source enables the RPA industry to meet massive unmet demand by empowering the software robot developer - 20:20

Open source feeds the flywheel of innovation, opening up more RPA use cases with every new community member - 21:10

Approaching a top-down closed market with bottom-up open source. Traditional RPA market is poised for disruption. - 21:39

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