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OCS 2020 Breakout: Lei Zhang

Lei Zhang is Staff Engineer at Alibaba, He is a maintainer of the Kubernetes community and serves as co-chair of CNCF SIG App Delivery. Lei is now leading engineering efforts in Alibaba regarding cloud native app delivery on Kubernetes. Before it, Lei worked for Hyper_ and Microsoft Research (MSR).

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This session will share how Alibaba builds its highly extensible app infrastructure via KubeVela and beyond.

Lei’s introduction and presentation topic: How AliBaba is building web-scale infrastructure with KubeVela and Kubernetes - 0:00

Introducing the Cloud Native Platform Team at Alibaba - 0:27

The Problem: Building platforms is slow, time wasting, and hard even with Kubernetes. The nightmare of Silos. - 1:12

The Solution: Alibaba Application Infrastructure. A centralized service and shared capability pool. - 5:36

How is such App Infrastructure even possible? - 7:20

KubeVela: A platform core which enables (a) Platform team to define app managemnet capabilities as templates, and (b) Developers to choose capability templates and compose and instantiate them into a running app - 8:45

Main Workflow in KubeVela - 10:50

Environments - 15:27

Template - 16:35

The App - 18:50

The new way to create “PaaS”, at scale - 23:11

Today’s Application Infrastructure - 24:57

Important Takes. Why did App Infra become posible in 2020? (See:, - 26:35

More information and user stories (,, CNCF Slack #kubevela channel, - 28:42

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