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Cover image for Open Source Survival: A Story from the Trenches
Bruno Lowagie
Bruno Lowagie

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Open Source Survival: A Story from the Trenches

After a career of a quarter of a century in tech, of which more than twenty years in open source, I looked back at how I survived as an open source developer while being chased by zombies and vampires.

  • The zombies were after my brains: They claimed that intellectual property was evil, and that software should be free, not commercial.
  • The vampires were after my blood. They wanted to commercially benefit from the intellectual property I produced without giving anything back.

I started with the motto "No Money, No Worries" but reality taught me that I was quite naΓ―ve. I was forced into building a business, and over the years, I discovered eight ways to monetize an open source project.

Watch my video or read my article here: Open Source Survival: A Story from the Trenches.

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Joseph (JJ) Jacks

Thank you for sharing here, Bruno! ❀️