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Igor Kotua
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100 open-source startups developing alternatives to well-known SaaS

Hi COSS Community!

Here at Runa Capital we have compiled a list of 100 open-source analogues of well-known SaaS products. GitHub is the most popular platform for all open-source projects, which is why we decided to post the list there, following the tradition of awesome lists.

How can this list be useful? Using it, you can find a free alternative to your favorite SaaS product. For example, Notion, AirTable or Google Analytics. It is very simple to do this: each row of the table contains a category, the name of the startup, its brief description, a link to the GitHub repository and the name of the SaaS product to which this startup is an alternative. Use cmd + F and you will quickly find what you need.

And of course, don't forget to give us a star ⭐

Have a good search!

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Mikel Otis • Edited

Thanks for the list.

The following are good open source tools that can integrate together the tools you listed.

AWS Smithy, Microsoft Dapr, Cosmonic WasmCloud, Unison Functional Programming Language

And a tool that can unify and build different communities is Forem.

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Joseph (JJ) Jacks

Thank you for sharing, Igor! ❤️