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Awesome OSS investors

Many of our users are open-source founders, and many of them struggle with the same problem: finding VCs that "get it".

That's why @garrrikkotua and I have created an awesome list of VCs who are actively investing in COSS startups.


VCs are added to the list if:

  • They invested in at least 3 startups where the product is strongly based on an open-source repo
  • They are still investing actively

VCs marked with a (*) are dedicated exclusively to commercial open-source and/or have made more than 10 investments in commercial open-source startups.


This list is work in progress, so please don't hesitate to contribute and add VCs. Or just let me know which VCs we missed and I'll add them.

Next Steps

Next, we would like to add a list of angels who are actively investing in COSS. If you're an angel with at least COSS investments, feel free to drop a comment or open an issue.

I hope this list is helpful to some folks!

Jonathan (@jonathimer)

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thanks! Great list!