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Joshua Poddoku
Joshua Poddoku

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How to build enterprise ready softwares

Building enterprise grade products looked like a complex maze earlier.

I would like to know and learn few ways from the community in building a business model which is product/ software driven.

I recently came across BoxyHQ, an Open Source tool that enables enterprises to enable critical features in any SaaS app.
Security, Authorization, User Access, Data Privacy, Compliance, etc. come into the limelight of builders which is highly critical and time consuming.

If you're interested to be part, register to join a Live AMA event with the maintainers today:

Opening this thread for discussions, questions and gather insights around this topic.

Adding this here as it may help a lot of Entrepreneurs, Tech enthusiasts and Business leaders here to get started with enterprise ready softwares.

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Joshua Poddoku • Edited

Thanks a lot @deepak for the insightful conversation and Q & A on BoxyHQ and building product focused enterprise friendly softwares!

Video is out on YouTube:

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Deepak Prabhakara

Thank you @joshuapoddoku, for a great conversation.