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$COSS ETF: Bringing COSS Equities to Retail and Institutional Investors Globally

Last night, we announced that OSS Capital is launching the first COSS ETF this summer 2021.

Why are we doing this?

COSS is a category. This is now unequivocal.

Like SaaS materialized 20 ~ years ago with the launch of Salesforce and is now a $2T+ equity category (that’s just in public market value capture), we believe COSS is nascent, but has materialized over the last decade from essentially only one large company (Red Hat) to now well over 100...

We believe COSS will grow on its own to a $3T+ category by 2030.

Today, the vast majority of COSS companies are private. Over the next 2-3 years, we also expect that 10+ COSS IPOs will occur.

We have been saying this for years.

It is a huge honor to bring COSS to public market investors.

Private Equity and VC should not be the only available method to access this explosives growing category.


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Ben Halpern

I'd buy this.

As an owner of Fastly, Mongo and some others I can confirm it might just be a place to invest. The resilience of COSS itself is definitely somewhere I want to put my money.

How will this ETF treat IPOs?

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Joseph (JJ) Jacks

Great to read this, Ben! More news soon. We will manage listings based on companies that meet the COSS definition: would not exist without the co-existence of a given open source project.

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Jess Lee

Amazing work, JJ!

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Mac Siri


jimmysong profile image
Jimmy Song

Can't wait to chase it.