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Open Source Startup Podcast E12: Egil Østhus & Ivar Østhus

Egil Østhus & Ivar Østhus, Co-founders, Unleash

Egil & Ivar are Co-founders of Unleash, the open-source feature management platform. The underlying project, unleash, has 4.5K GitHub stars and the company's enterprise product is run in an open-core model.

In this episode, we discuss the origin story for Unleash (solving a problem the founders had themselves), how the open-source project spread, the Unleash paid product journey, why open-source works for regulated industries, new tooling areas for the open-source model, and advice for early-stage founders.

GitHub link for project:

Open Source Startup Podcast
Co-hosted by Robby (Cowboy VC) & Tim (Essence VC)

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