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Open Source Startup Podcast E9: Tristan Handy

Tristan Handy, CEO & Founder, dbt Labs

Tristan is co-founder & CEO of dbt Labs (previously Fishtown Analytics), the company that sits on top of the open-source data transformation tool dbt.

dbt has quickly become the industry standard with more than 5K companies using it in production supported by a Slack community of over 15K members. The company recently reached unicorn status raising their $150M Series C round at a $1.5B post-money valuation with investors including Sequoia, a16z, Altimeter, and Amplify.

In this episode, we discuss the origin story behind dbt, why timing for open-source projects matters, building community, Tristan's perspective on fundraising, the 'Modern Data Stack', and his personal growth journey as a leader.

Transcript here

GitHub Link for project:

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