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OCS 2020 Keynote: Amr Awadallah, Co-Founder of Cloudera

Amr Awadallah oversees Cloud Developer Relations, including the overall Cloud Information Experience, Advocacy and Developer Program Engineering. Prior to joining Google in Nov 2019, Amr co-founded Cloudera in 2008 and as CTO, he spent the last 11 years working closely with enterprise customers and developers around the world. He also served as vice president of product intelligence engineering at Yahoo! and ran one of the very first organizations to use Hadoop for big data analysis and business intelligence. Amr received his PhD in EE from Stanford University (thesis was on leveraging virtual machines to implement internet scale applications), and his Bachelor and Master Degrees from Cairo University, Egypt.

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Cloudera Co-Founder Amr Awadallah shares his insights and key learnings from founding and growing the largest Hadoop company on the planet!

What was your background before starting Cloudera? — 00:10

What was the summer starting Cloudera like? — 2:02

What were the scary and exciting moments during 2008 crash? — 3:16

How did you scale the company up the first 50 people? — 4:31

How did you explain open source back in 2008? — 6:15

How did you see the competitive dynamic evolve over time? — 7:54

How did you balance foundation dynamics early on? — 9:46

What advice you would give founders in category creation? — 12:04

Evolution of the data stack and data management in general — 14:25

How do you define metadata? What constitutes it? — 16:58

The relationship between OSS + cloud across dimensions — 19:07

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