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OCS 2020 Opening Keynote: JJ and Ed Freeman, Father of Stakeholder Capitalism

R. Edward Freeman is University Professor and Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Freeman is perhaps best known for his award-winning book Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach, originally published in 1984 and reprinted in 2010 by Cambridge University Press, in which he suggests that businesses build their strategy around their relationships with key stakeholders. Mr. Freeman has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Washington University, and a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Duke University. Freeman teaches Business Ethics, Creative Capitalism, and the popular "Leadership & Theater: Ethics, Innovation, and Creativity." He is a lifelong student of martial arts, philosophy and the blues. He is a founding partner in Red Goat Records.

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JJ opens with a COSS state of the union followed by interviewing Ed Freeman, father of stakeholder capitalism.

Welcome to OCS 2020 and Sponsors β€” 00:15

JJ shares the Mission of OCS β€” 00:45

Growth of COSS Category β€” 1:28

What to expect at OCS 2020 β€” 2:55

Introducing Ed Freeman, father of Stakeholder Capitalism β€” 4:00

Ed shares his experiences, starting at Wharton β€” 4:45

Taking stakeholder theory seriously as a business. β€” 6:45

History of stakeholder theory and term β€” 8:10

Company adoption of stakeholder theory. β€” 10:00

Stakeholder theory's relevance to COSS companies. β€” 12:00

How to achieve harmony across different stakeholders β€” 13:10

It’s about the business model, not an add-on CSR β€” 14:00

Stakeholder interests are interdependent. β€” 14:20

β€œHarmonize, not balance or align, stakeholder interests.” β€” 15:30

Seeing stakeholders in relational terms. β€” 16:20

When tradeoff becomes unacceptable, we find win-win-wins. β€” 20:10

Closing β€” 21:58

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