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OCS 2020 Keynote: Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks

Will Hayes is the CEO of Lucidworks, leader in AI-powered search. He has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley leading product, marketing, and business development initiatives. Prior to Lucidworks he was head of technical business development for Splunk, where he was responsible for defining the company's market category and key product feature sets. Earlier in his career, Hayes served as a software engineer at Genentech, where he built solutions that supported the sales and drug development teams. He currently lives with his family in San Francisco, California, where Lucidworks is headquartered.

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Learn about the future of connected experiences and build inspired strategies to improve EX and CX through search, AI and personalization.

Presentation intro β€” 00:00

What do my users want? β€” 1:05

Users want us to know them β€” 1:40

Getting to know users is hard β€” 2:08

Acting consistently is harder β€” 2:50

Acting consistently is expensive β€” 3:27

Introducing the Connected Experience Cloud β€” 4:08

Walking through the Connected Experience Cloud β€” 4:47

Real-Time Insights Drive Continuous Improvement β€” 5:55

CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience) β€” 6:30

What it means to capture signals β€” 7:31

Same opportunities with consumers and organization β€” 8:35

Insight silos and operational silos β€” 9:16

Users expect us to understand them β€” 10:16

Capture insights, Understand intent, Make it available β€” 10:49

Customer Experience Cloud: How it works β€” 11:08

What does "delight" mean in tech? β€” 11:52

Walking through Lenovo’s CXC Journey β€” 12:46

Creating real-time, seamless connectivity between channels β€” 13:50

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