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OCS 2020 Keynote: Shawn Wilkinson, founder of Storj

Shawn Wilkinson is the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Storj Labs. Shawn oversees company strategy, vision, and architecture of the Storj network, an open source decentralized cloud storage platform. He works directly with community members to understand the requirements of developers, users and storage node operators to ensure their needs align with product development. Shawn graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

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Hear Shawn Wilkinson and JJ discuss the parallels between open source software and decentralized, Web3 platforms.

How did you get into open-source and tech? β€” 00:26

How did you come to decentralized storage? β€” 2:55

How did you go from OSS project to platform? β€” 7:03

Founding and fundraising the company. β€” 8:55

Early successes and problems. β€” 10:25

Launch of v3 β€” 11:32

How do you help open source projects monetize? β€” 12:45

Discussion of decentralization and adoption β€” 18:56

Importance of decentralized data access β€” 20:00

Spreading decentralization in society β€” 23:00

Anecdote about Edward Snowden β€” 23:58

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