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OCS 2020 Keynote: Tas Giakouminakis

Tas Giakouminakis leads the development and integration of Rapid7’s award-winning solutions, driving the technical direction to enable customers through quality, simplicity, and innovation. Prior to founding Rapid7, Tas helped form Percussion Software, where he led the development of Percussion's first product. He has also developed software in the security and risk areas for CitiCorp.

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Tas Giakouminakis, co-founder/CTO of Rapid7, a major public COSS cybersecurity vendor, on their journey from founding to current scale.

The origin story of Rapid7, starting with a CMS — 00:19

How has open source driven innovation for Rapid7? — 1:57

What drove Rapid7's acquisition of Metasploit? — 3:44

What's the commercial relationship between Rapid7 + Metasploit? — 7:03

In security, how has importance of open source evolved? — 9:38

What are the benefits of open data for security? — 11:36

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs? — 14:00

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