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OCS 2020 Keynote: Ofer Bengal, Co-Founder/CEO of Redis Labs

Ofer Bengal is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led several companies in the areas of data communications, telecommunications, Internet, homeland security and medical devices. Ofer was founder & CEO of RIT Technologies (NASDAQ: RITT), a provider of sophisticated telecommunications and data communications systems to major world carriers. He began his career as an aerospace engineer in the Israeli Air Force and then built his own aerospace engineering consulting firm. As a hobby, he has also invented, developed and licensed toy concepts to companies such as Milton Bradley, Hasbro and Tomy. Ofer holds a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in aerospace engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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JJ interviews Ofer Bengal, the co-founder of Redis Labs, the company behind Redis the FOSS project!

Origins of Redis and technology background — 00:00

Beginning of open-source project — 2:15

Building a commercial strategy around Redis — 5:21

What were the critical scaling moments for Redis Labs? — 7:23

How has open-source Redis evolved over last 10 years? — 10:15

Ofer details RedisAI and future of AI applications. — 12:40

Capabilities and strategy of Redis Labs products — 14:38

Ofer details use cases + industries for Redis. — 15:20

How to balance community stakeholders + customers — 16:23

License discussion, and path to Source Available — 18:45

Filling the leadership vacuum of open-source Redis — 21:14

Competitive landscape + opportunities for Redis Labs — 23:49

Unstructured data, multiple databases, microservices — 24:36

Redis Labs' strategy to compete in crowded market — 26:12

Instant User Experience — 27:01

Non-obvious lessons learned + the sales motion - 29:07

Struggles and advice around cloud vs. on-prem — 30:40

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