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Cover image for OCS 2020 Keynote: Josh McKenzie, Datastax
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OCS 2020 Keynote: Josh McKenzie, Datastax

Focused on climate, community, and open source. Working on high-leverage experiences and tools for impact.
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Josh McKenzie leads the open source strategy and execution at DataStax. With six years on the Apache Cassandra™ project, he is both a Committer and a member of the Project Management Committee. Josh has over 15 years of leadership and engineering experience at diverse organizations, ranging from IBM Internet Security Systems and Morningstar Financial to High Frequency Trading firms. He is passionate about and is working to advance the positive-sum economics of open source ecosystems. Josh holds a B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business.

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Applying stakeholder theory to Open Source Economics, knowing its harder in practice and applying game theory to simplify our understanding.

A Crash Course on Open Source Strategy — 00:00

Presentation Overview — 00:37

Applying Stakeholder Theory to Open Source — 1:06

Understanding Open Source through Game Theory — 4:37

Open source is a cooperative positive-sum game — 4:45

Civilization is a history of positive-sum games — 5:40

“How many people can I call ‘self’ instead of ‘other’?” — 6:00

Self = Project — 6:10

Family tree of projects and stakeholders — 6:44

Success is about playing larger positive-sum open-source games — 7:05

The Science: Strategic tools. (S Curves and Flywheels) — 7:46

What is a scarcity abundance S-curve? — 7:59

Think about endgame & envision subsequent scarcities — 8:45

How do flywheels apply to open source? — 10:10

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