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Cover image for OCS 2020 Keynote: Bob Young, former Co-Founder/CEO of Red Hat
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OCS 2020 Keynote: Bob Young, former Co-Founder/CEO of Red Hat

Focused on climate, community, and open source. Working on high-leverage experiences and tools for impact.
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Bob Young is a serial entrepreneur who is best known for founding Red Hat and Lulu.

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JJ interviews Bob Young and unearths many stories about Red Hat’s VC experience, culture, business model and origins!

Life before RedHat and origins of company — 00:10

Starting RedHat, meeting Mark, initial business — 1:57

Early years, important moments and decisions — 9:10

Disagreements that worked out well — 11:05

Setting RedHat's mission and values — 13:35

Enterprise software developers + OSS — 18:50

What was the funding like for Red Hat? — 21:38

Discussion about customers — 25:00

Tell us about life after Red Hat and starting Lulu — 27:24

Customers of Red Hat were fans, similar to Lulu — 33:35

What contrarian views are critical to your success? — 35:32

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