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OCS 2020 Keynote: Dave McJannet & Navin Chaddha, CEO of HashiCorp and MD at Mayfield

Dave McJannet is the CEO of HashiCorp, a company focused on enabling organizations to adopt the cloud operating model for infrastructure. He was previously an EIR at Greylock Partners, VP of Marketing at GitHub, and VP of Marketing at Hortonworks.

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Navin Chaddha leads Mayfield. Under his leadership, Mayfield has raised over $2.2 billion in new capital through eight funds – (six US and two dedicated India funds); expanded the investing team with world-class professionals; and assembled a comprehensive team of portfolio services executives. Navin has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has ranked on the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Tech Investors twelve times, including being named in the Top Five in 2020. During his venture capital career, Navin has invested in over 50 companies, of which 17 have gone public and over 20 have been acquired. Navin was one of the earliest Silicon Valley investors to leverage the promise of tech in India.

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HashiCorp CEO, Dave McJannet is interviewed by Mayfield Managing Director, Navin Chaddha about the companies key learnings throughout 2020

2020's impact on HashiCorp + cloud operators — 00:17

Importance of open source at HashiCorp — 1:20

How do open-source projects influence product roadmap? — 3:44

Learnings on product development in a remote-first world — 5:39

How do you keep a remote company together? — 7:35

Observations on products as cloud service — 11:46

3 things to consider about open-sourcing products - 15:12

Sales motion for software vs managed service — 15:50

Benefits of offering products as managed service — 18:23

Advice for budding open-source entrepreneurs - 19:58

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