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OCS 2020 Keynote: Cheryl Hung, VP Ecosystem at Linux Foundation / CNCF

Cheryl Hung is VP Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation and home to Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy and other open source projects. She leads the CNCF End User Community, the largest end user community of any open source foundation or standards body. Cheryl is a frequent speaker ( and founder of the Cloud Native London meetup. As a C++ engineer she previously worked on backend features on Google Maps, and holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, King’s College.

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Cheryl's story and joining the CNCF β€” 0:15

User experience and user community around CNCF β€” 1:02

CNCF's challenges across different user industries β€” 3:13

How cloud-native is modernizing tech for enterprises β€” 6:02

Where has Cheryl seen most exciting industry adoption? β€” 7:21

Industry shifts towards Google's practices β€” 9:53

Storage and state β€” 11:25

Most exciting areas for growth in the CNCF β€” 12:50

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