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OCS 2020 Keynotes: Glenn Solomon & Kyle Carberry

Glenn Solomon is a Managing Partner at GGV Capital with a focus on the Enterprise Tech sector. He invests in startups from seed to growth stages and across key areas, including Open Source, cloud, infrastructure and cyber security. His portfolio includes Coder, HashiCorp, Kong, NS1, Streamlit,, Zebrium and more. In the last decade, he has helped nine companies complete IPOs, including Slack, Square and Zendesk. Glenn is the host of Founder Real Talk, a podcast where founders and startup executives discuss the challenges they face and how they've grown from tough experiences. He is also a contributor to where he writes about the trends and companies driving the next $1 trillion enterprise market.

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Kyle Carberry is Coder's co-founder and CEO, directly responsible for Coder’s innovation and open-source projects.

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Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital interviews Kyle Carberry, co-founder of Coder, on the companies journey from founding to being used by 25% of the F500!

Glenn's work with GGV Capital, infrastructure, and Coder β€” 00:00

Glenn asks Kyle about his background and career path. β€” 1:36

Tell us about code-server. β€” 3:42

Why is code-server so popular? Why does it excite users? β€” 4:38

The story of Coder's founders coming together. β€” 5:35

When did you move from your original idea to code-server? β€” 7:11

Did you do anything to spur code-server adoption? β€” 8:20

What were your initial thoughts on commercialization? β€” 10:30

How have you gone after the enterprise opportunity? β€” 12:05

Discussion on enterprise product and government customers. β€” 13:44

What do customers find most exciting about what you do? β€” 15:07

What is your cloud strategy over time? β€” 16:15

Why do you think you’ve had success on the government side? β€” 17:50

Observations on selling commercial enterprise vs government β€” 19:26

How has the transition been in building out your team? β€” 21:11

Where is Coder headed? β€” 22:25

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