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OCS 2020 Keynote: Jess Lee, co-founder of Forem

Jess Lee is the Co-Founder of the DEV Community and Forem (the open-source tool powering this website!)

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How Forem has transitioned from serving developers to consumers, and the fun challenges along the way.

Jess's career transition to Founder — 00:09

Founding Dev and open-sourcing code — 00:45

Introduction to Forem and first communities. — 1:27

Building COSS for consumers — 3:44

Forem business model — 5:27

Forem's users and customers — 7:26

Deep dive into the Forem audience — 8:20

What could adoption look like? — 9:25

Building for non-developers — 10:18

Innovating social media - 12:30

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