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OCS 2020 Keynote: Anna Berenberg, Google Distinguished Engineer

Anna Berenberg is Technical Lead at Google focused on Open Cloud and next generation networking for Google Cloud Platform. She leads teams which build foundational infrastructure for powering hybrid/multi-cloud applications. Anna joined Google in 2006 and spent the next 9 years leading the development and expansion of global load balancing solutions to scale Google’s billion user services such as Search and Youtube. Prior to Google, Anna architected and delivered highly reliable and scalable infrastructure and systems at Extreme Networks, Cosine Communications and HolonTech.

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In this session, JJ interviews Google Distinguished Engineer Anna Berenberg who has been at the tip of the spear driving Google’s networking

Anna's early career and path to Google β€” 0:17

What drove interest in the networking stack? β€” 2:05

What was joining Google like 15 years ago? β€” 3:16

How has diversity + inclusion evolved in engineering? β€” 5:02

How can industry increase diversity + representation? β€” 6:36

What is a service mesh? β€” 9:12

How did you get so excited about Envoy early on? β€” 11:37

Have you seen Google’s use of OSS evolve? β€” 13:52

Discussion of gRPC, Envoy, and Istio β€” 15:54

Explanation of Envoy β€” 17:50

Explanation of Istio β€” 19:30

Future of open-source ecosystems in networking β€” 20:29

Innovations and mobile opportunities β€” 22:26

How does open cloud affect Google Cloud? β€” 23:10

Under-appreciated use cases of Envoy β€” 25:37

Google's OSS contributions to Envoy β€” 27:09

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