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OCS 2020 Keynote: Guy Podjarny, Founder and CEO of Snyk

Guy Podjarny is Snyk’s Co-Founder and President, driving dev-first open source & container security solutions. Guy was previously CTO at Akamai, co-founded (acq by Akamai), and was acquired by Watchfire and then IBM when building the first AppSec products. Guy is a frequent speaker, an O’Reilly author, and an early stage angel investor and advisor.

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Decision to build Snyk as a cloud and data platform, how OSS is so crucial to the growth of the business, and to the importance of security!

What core assumptions led to founding of Snyk? — 00:16

The story of two founding offices (London + Tel Aviv) — 1:50

Why build Snyk product as a service, rather than OSS? — 3:00

Discussion of Snyk as a data platform — 7:15

Importance of transparency, doesn't need to be an OSS repo — 9:10

Role of open-source community in Snyk's development — 10:19

What are your core beliefs about product evolution? — 15:54

How Snyk is enabling the future of security — 19:50

What big lessons did you learn growing so quickly? — 21:05

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