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2023 OCS Fireside Chat: Tom Preston-Werner (Preston-Werner Ventures) and Heather Meeker (OSS Capital)

Tom Preston-Werner is the founder of GitHub and Preston-Werner Ventures.. Tom is also the creator of the avatar service Gravatar and leading RedwoodJS.

Heather Meeker is a founding partner at OSS Capital. Meeker advises clients on licensing and collaboration arrangements, software copyright and patent issues, technology procurement, open source licensing strategies, and intellectual property issues in investments, mergers and acquisitions. Her latest book, Open Source for Business, is a definitive handbook for lawyers, engineers, and businesspersons on open source licensing in business.

Can you tell me about GitLab’s journey to being an Open Core company? - 00:23

Promises about GitLab, Open Core, and a Transparent Public Path - 01:42

Do you believe all companies should have a path focused on a transparent relationship with developers and community - 03:27

What is a framework for feature segmenting between proprietary and open source? - 04:25

What mistakes do companies make when segmenting open source and proprietary? - 05:25

Delayed Open Source Licenses, difficulties controlling if the release is right - 08:28

Conversion rates. What are good expectations for conversion rates for a good open core rate? - 09:50

Licensing decisions, value creation, and strategy - 11:40

Licensing changes, charters to resist investor pressures on open-source models - 12:50

What would you understand, that a beginning founder may not? - 14:26

Was there any kind of a-ha moment in your running of GitLab, that you wished you understood before? - 15:03

What would you say to critics of the open core model? - 15:55

Gartner has called GitLab a DevOps platform category leader. How would you define that category? - 17:02

What relationship do your company values, steeped in open source, have to the overall success of your company? - 19:00

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