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OCS 2023: Melody Meckfessel (Observable)

Melody Meckfessel is the CEO / Co-founder of Observable, bringing the power of visualization and data analysis to the world’s developers. Melody is a hands-on technology leader with more than 20 years experience building and maintaining large-scale distributed systems and solving problems at scale.

Before co-founding Observable, Melody was a VP of Engineering at Google, where she led DevOps for Google including Google’s Cloud Platform’s tools and systems, with a global team of engineers (1000+).

How you can use signals, data, insights to build with and for Community - 0:00

Melody introduces interests and background -0:50

Community and People first - 1:13

Embrace the unknown - 2:06

Insight: the understanding of a specific cause and effect within a particular context. Why Melody appreciates insights - 2:54

What are insights, and why they are important - 3:30

HEART Framework: Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success, across the user experience - 4:35

5 steps to build with and grow community: Connect, Listen, Collaborate, Build, and Grow - 5:25

  1. Connect. Think about people within our community. - 5:50

  2. Listening deeply is so important. Qualitative and quantitative signals. - 9:15

  3. Collaborate. Build together. - 11:52

  4. Build. - 14:00

  5. Grow. Creating a self-sustaining community - 15:58

Opening to questions - 17:16

How can you measure the success of engagement efforts, when you’re starting with no engagement at all? - 17:33

How dangerous is it to try many things at the same time? - 19:17

You had a situation where you split the community into cohorts. How did you manage it? - 20:13

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