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OCS 2023: Marcus Eagan (Trace Machina)

Marcus Eagan is the founder of Trace Machina.

Introduction to Marcus, Trace Machina, and the presentation: Proprietary Prison Camps - 0:00

More of Marcus’ background - 1:01

The Inevitable Tech Transformation - 4:12

Software at the Core β€” 4:49

What’s the difference between a prison camp and a prison? - 6:05

Open Source as the Business Backbone β€” 7:15

New open enterprise licenses - 8:16

Bitcoin vs the Proprietary FTX Ledger - 12:05

Closing - 14:45

For a bootstrapped company choosing to go open source, can you talk about competition it will get? β€” 16:02

For application software rather than infrastructure, does being open source really differentiate you? - 19:24

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