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OCS 2023 Closing Keynote: AMA with Heather Meeker and Joseph Jacks of OSS Capital

Joseph Jacks and Heather Meeks of OSS Capital close Open Core Summit 2023 with an AMA session with the audience and answering questions from the conference.

JJ recaps OCS 2023 - 0:00

JJ opens floor for questions - 1:00

Bob Young: I stumbled into the OpenSSA presentation. He showed me the press release about the AI alliance from yesterday. Tell us about that, and how SSA fit with LLM models in that Alliance. - 1:17

Can you share more about SSAs vs LLMs? - 4:25

We’ve heard a lot about running a company from founders. Can we hear more from your world, and the biggest challenge you faced in starting OSS Capital? - 6:10

Is there a model for valuating open-source companies, without a traditional business metric like revenue? - 13:53

JJ asks the crowd: For open-source founders in the audience, had you raised any money at the time you were first in contact with OSS Capital, relative to first contact with the rest of the VC ecosystem? - 17:17

Yesterday, Erica Brescia walked through criteria for Series A investment. At seed, pre-seed, what are you looking for? - 18:40

Heather: Some open-source projects should never be a business. - 22:40

What strongly held beliefs did you change your mind on? - 23:16

Joseph discusses the humbling aspect of early-stage dreaming with founders - 24:20

Joseph discusses changing points of view around AI - 25:08

In the early stages of seed and pre-seed, how do you suggest looking at pricing and monetization? - 26:30

Is there a request for a startup that doesn’t exist, that you wish did? - 31:15

What are the key takeaways for founders from these kinds of these events? - 34:44

Potential evolution for licensing models in open source. Last updates to these license models was 15 years ago. Will we see an evolution in the types of licensing models? - 37:25

Heather discusses open weights in the context of licensing and transparency. - 40:32

Joseph: I think open source is kind of a sacred term. - 43:30

Closing remarks, thank you, and farewell - 46:55

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