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OCS 2023: Christopher Nguyen (AITOMATIC)

Christopher Nguyen is the CEO of Aitomatic, which provides knowledge-first AI for industrial automation

Christopher introduces presentation and small models. - 0:25

Techno-optimism is positively correlated with income. - 0:45

Would you expect a correlation in rich and poor countries for AI technology as well? - 1:40

Emerging economies are more AI-optimistic - 2:33

Why does this trend exist? - 3:11

Industrial AI - 3:52

Massive value untapped in the Industrial Economy - 4:30

Chris’s backstory and returning from digital to physical world - 5:06

Predictive maintenance is using tools like ML to predict the failure before it occurs. - 5:38

Anomaly detection is not predictive maintenance. - 6:13

Why now for predictive maintenance? The need for domain expertise. - 7:10

Human experts can do effective predictive maintenance. - 8:00

What is different today when it comes to encoding human domain expertise? LLMs. It is a communication revolution. - 8:40

Example use cases - 9:23

Walking through use case of Petronas - 10:30

LLMs are not enough. They are components of a system, they are not the system. - 11:53

Using these systems as small domain experts. - 12:46

IT vs OT (Operational Technology), and loops like OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) - 13:20

Introducing OpenSSA: Small, Specialist, Agents - 14:15

OT world is connecting OpenSSA to the world. - 17:27

Aitomatic Demo of OpenSSA - 18:05

Behind-the-scenes engineering framework for OODA and the Aitomatic Open SSA demo - 27:00

Open-sourcing OpenSSA as an official announcement. - 29:30

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