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OCS 2023 Keynote: Bailey Plumfeet (

Bailey Plumfeet is the co-founder and co-CEO of, powering the world's scheduling infrastructure and aiming to connect a billion people by 2031.

What does Keanu Reeves, a grocery store, and Will Smith have in common? They never change - like scheduling. - 0:20

Bailey shares the vision in a graphic behind - 1:08

Three weeks of development in public, open-source. - 1:38

Bailey discusses the public launch on GitHub and ProductHunt. - 2:10

Bailey discusses the community coming together around - 2:30

Exceeding Competition. Bailey discusses analyzing and surpassing the competition. - 3:20 becoming a global infrastructure. - 5:20

Bailey discusses working with teams and large companies as customers and open-source collaborators - 6:06

The Leap to Enterprise Customers - 7:05

Open source is the safest best for software selection - 8:00

Showing off the company customers and enterprise customers - 8:45

Bailey talks about the responsibility and commitment to stability, reliability, and scalability - 9:29 is aiming to become Stripe for time - 11:30

New Ecosystem, wrapping product offerings into one - 12:29

Adaptability to working with different kinds of customers, individuals, and contexts, while building product roadmap - 13:50

Bailey walks through’s growth - 14:35

Thanking the community for joining on the journey - 16:35

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