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OCS 2023: Pablo Selener (W4 Games)

Pablo Selener is the managing director of W4 Games and a former employee at Epic Games and Tesla.

We’re all gamers, one way or another. All the applications of game engines in different contexts. - 0:25

Real-time engines are the OS of interactive experiences. - 1:07

Going back in time in game development - 1:38

Requirements for making your own games, as it relates to personal proprietary engine use. - 2:58

Wouldn’t make your own real-time engine. - 3:50

Pablo talks about backstory going back to automotive company. - 4:20

Creating a tool to create graphics. - 6:50

Automotive industry acquiring game engines. - 7:00

Source code means flexibility and independence. - 7:56

Sharing the open core story behind W4 Games and Godot - 8:15

Support is important. Company and face of a product to reassure users that someone is there to catch them, importance of reliability. - 11:00

The Unity pricing debacle and wake-up call - 11:45

Creating a game engine costs $1B/year. The market cannot pay for it. How do you solve for this? - 13:45

Productization of Godot and revenue - 14:30

Adoption of Godot since the Unity debacle and the erosion of trust - 15:40

Avoid vendor lock-in - 16:25

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