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OCS 2023: Nathaniel Simard (Tracel AI)

Nathaniel Simard is the founder of Tracel AI.

Nathan introduces himself, presentation, Burn, and Tracel AI β€”Β 0:20

Creating New Projects: Do things that interest you, do things that you care about – 1:07

Know when to stop β€” 1:37

Nathan’s Personal Projects β€”Β 2:27

Towards Bigger Projects. Start with a small project that can grow into a bigger vision. β€”Β 3:59

The Hard Part β€” 5:10

Examining Burn β€” 5:56

Initial Goal of Burn β€”Β 7:00

Validate Project Idea β€” 7:57

Community β€” 9:08

Showing off your project β€” 9:33

Problem-Solution Fit for Burn β€” 10:40

Building a community β€” Be Kind. Be Fast. β€” 11:52

Burn’s Release Cadence and No-bug policy β€” 13:48

Building a Startup β€” 14:36

Product-Market Fit β€” 15:45

Consulting? β€” 16:45

Summary of presentation - 17:20

Question β€” can you talk about complimentary vs restriction? β€” 18:10

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