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OCS 2023: Alex Boswell (Polychrome)

Alex Boswell is the Co-Founder of Polychrome.

Agenda of presentation — 0:42

Background to Flagsmith, from the beginning — 1:05

Introduction to Polychrome, a holding company — 2:14

Timeline of Flagsmith – 3:20

Target Customer, Two Hypotheses: SaaS Buyer and On-Prem Buyer — 4:33

Identifying Target Customer and niche in the market — 6:20

Moving to Open Core — 8:40

Licensing models — 9:43

Open Source Philosophy — 10:45

Current State: Where Flagsmith is today — 12:12

Thanks and questions — 13:20

Do your customers and leads view security as tax on a product? - 13:45

Question about the structure of the founding team, and what Polychrome brought into the effort and how it helped specifically — 15:04

How did you make your customer profile transition from your research? — 17:01

Going forward, do you see on-prem as your biggest customer profile? — 20:09

What is the mental model for closed features vs open features? — 21:44

Could you speak about the mindset when you search for your customers, what are the qualities you look for? How do you make the mental model of who they are? - 23:45

Can you tell us more about Polychrome? It seems like an unconventional model? - 26:46

Outbound sales vs inbound sales once decided on target customer? — 29:29

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