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OCS 2023: Johannes Dancker (Formbricks)

Johannes Dancker is the founder of Formbricks.

Introduction to Formbricks and presentation - 0:00

What’s wrong with contributions? Handholding juniors. Seniors leave. Incentive dilemma. Review overhead from PRs. Recognition is manual. Contributors can’t flex well. A lot of redundant work. Unfinished PRs. - 0:55

How does this affect community work? - 2:50

The FormTribe Hackathon: Game Design, Goal, Points, Side Quests β€” 4:03

Activity, success, results β€” 5:59

How to gamify and automate the contributor experience continuously? Levels and automation. - 6:47

Walking through the levels in the Formbricks contributor experience β€” 7:25

Trigger, Action, Reward Loop: New Issue, Ship It, Get Points β€” 10:25

Walking through the loop for issues, merge celebration, level up β€” 11:23

Revisiting the 8 problems with contributions β€” 13:35

Why wouldn’t this approach work? Questions and discussion with audience β€” 16:06

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