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OCS 2023: Rudy Faile (Automattic)

Rudy Faile is a systems wrangler at Automattic.

Introduction to Rudy and Automattic — 0:00

Automattic’s religious commitment to open source — 0:43

Automattic’s open-source stack, starting with Debian and Debian’s Mission Statement — 1:50

Walking through Automattic’s open-source infrastructure stack — 3:24

Grafana in the stack — 4:28

Nagios for monitoring in the stack, the heartbeat of Automattic’s systems — 5:12

Getting into Commercial Open Source Software businesses, and the importance of working with these businesses — 5:49 as a COSS businesses running Wordpress, the open-source tech — 7:44

Automattic works with the COSS ecosystem in a similar way, to and Wordpress — 9:11

Automattic’s commitment to open-source and open-source principles — 10:15

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