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OCS 2023: Jeff Huber (Chroma)

Jeff Huber is the founder of Chroma

Jeff introduces himself and presentation - 0:00

The AI stack - 0:15

A new kind of computer - 1:07

On Chroma, an open-source data retrieval solution for AI - 2:07

Why this is important? - 2:37

Much of the AI tooling already open source - 3:17

What about the models? - 3:48

If this were like software … - 5:34

Most models to date, licenses? - 6:30

Recent truly open-source models - 7:25

Why is OSS hard in AI? - 8:20

Why is open source important for AI? - 11:31

OSS will happen if we insist on it - 14:14

Issues with open-source AI? - 14:45

Closing and questions - 16:42

What is going to be the role in decentralized databases for this? - 17:13

What is your view on X and AI? - 18:25

How do you see open source models making it to production and replacing OpenAI and other proprietary models? - 19:35

How do you go about building CRUD apps on AI, when the space is moving so fast? - 22:07

AI is like the early days of cloud. Do you see a similar trend with AI providers and building trust? - 24:45

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