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OCS 2023: Jamie Pine (Spacedrive)

Jamie Pine is the founder of Spacedrive

Introduction to Jamie and Spacedrive - 0:00

Introducing Spacedrive: A local-first application to put all your devices, drives, and clouds as one filesystem β€” 0:34

VDFS: Virtual Distributed Filesystem β€” 1:47

Open source is the only way to build something like this β€” 2:30

Built on PRRTT: Prisma, Rust, React, TypeScript, Tauri β€” 4:24

The Ecosystem Glue between all operating systems and cloud services β€” 5:35

Lots of valuable feedback β€” 6:07

Showing off better search β€” 6:22

Nearly there β€”Β Shipped, and On the Way β€” 6:42

Switching to AI β€”Β Most AI powered tools have one flaw. They run in the cloud. - 7:25

Limitations with Local AI, walking through examples. Success with schema based output. - 8:17

Custom Model Loader β€”Β 9:04

Ask Spacedrive β€” 10:20

Move all screenshots in documents and backup to Google Drive β€” 10:10

Cloud Offering β€” 11:49

Questions β€” 14:20

Why actually build the interface? β€” 14:45

Different workflows β€” such as backup, or others? β€” 16:40

Being able to index something like a zip, open temporarily to index contents, and leave it as a zip? - 18:04

What is the architecture? - 18:40

What about the frontend UI? - 19:45

What are the business model visions coming from? From users, from intuition? - 22:20

Will you be able to use Spacedrive to connect to NAS? - 25:12

Question about getting feature parity with Mac - 26:00

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