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OCS 2023: Irina Nazarova (Evil Martians)

Irina Nazarova is the CEO of Evil Martians, a consulting company known as authors of PostCSS, AnyCable, imgproxy, and many blog posts and tutorials. She and Brittany discuss both her developer and CEO origin stories, sustainable opensource, leading really talented developers, and Google Apps Script.

Irina introduces presentation - 0:00

Comparing PostCSS to React — significantly more downloads for PostCSS over last 6 years. - 0:40

Why did this happen? How did postCSS become so popular? Irina explains. - 1:41

Evil Martians is a dev tools consulting company, and builds internal commercial open-source startups, where Evil Martians is the first investor. - 3:08

Evil Martians’ Mission: Make authors of open sources successful - 3:50

1 problem in the business of open source: Human relationships - 5:22

The business of open source = unlikely union - 6:56

The hacker and the hustler - 7:48

Walking through the hacker’s challenges - 9:22

Meet the Hustler, walking through the hustler’s challenges - 14:37

Split of responsibilities between Hacker and Hustler - 21:04

Best early-stage DevTool founder embraces both Hacker and Hustler in one - 21:42

Thanks and follow-up - 23:58

Opening to questions - 25:04

Open-source and business are usually separate efforts. How important is it for those two areas to convergence, and how can companies do that? - 25:17

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