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OCS 2023: Tammy Zhu (Sourcegraph)

Tammy Zhu is the Director of Legal at Sourcegraph. Tammy joins Sourcegraph after years of counseling technology companies on matters including products, litigation, commercial contracts, data privacy, M&A, startup financing, and regulatory filings and investigations.

Tammy introduces topic and presentation - 0:00

Licensing is a strategic decision - 0:33

What licenses are we seeing in the Generative AI space? 2:30

Tammy’s walks through framework for licensing decisions - 4:06

Emerging patterns, predictions, and other considerations. Are you a first mover? - 7:10

Can companies open source their product as an alternative to hosting free trials? - 9:23

Discussing the AWS strip-mining risk - 11:23

Do you want enterprises to use your product - 13:00

Tammy opens for questions - 15:25

Do you have any thoughts about Automatic 11? What about the strategy of not picking a license, or holding off on a license? - 15:40

How do you see the clauses as defensible in responsible use licenses? How do you enforce them, how can you enforce them? - 17:19

What do you think about license changes? When do they go well, what are the biggest pains? - 19:07

What about undesired users, and newer licenses that intend to keep competitors away? - 21:40

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