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OCS 2023: Liu Liu (Draw Things)

Liu Liu is the founder of Draw Things.

Introduction to Liu, Draw Things, and presentation. Draw Things implementing open-source AI models across diverse range of Apple devices. β€” 0:00

What do you mean by Edge Deployment? - 1:16

Don’t we already do Edge Deployment? β€” 2:30

Open Model Weights β€” 4:15

β€œNew” Generation of frameworks to handle larger models β€” 4:56

Why do we need the new generation of models? β€” 5:44

Difficulty of Edge Deployment with existing frameworks β€” 10:55

Dynamic Execution and Optimizations by Hand β€”Β 11:40

Integration Work on Metal Flash Attention β€” 13:32

Careful Memory Management, Quantization, and MMAP’d Weights β€” 15:06

Real-World Memory Usage β€” 17:34

Let’s Talk about Future (or Now?) - 17:58

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